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Since its founding in the late 90’s, PayPal as a payment method had been growing rapidly and moved into our everyday lives very deeply. Especially with online gambling. It’s being called a #1 payment method for online casinos with PayPal in the USA by every expert in the field for its simplicity in use and speed in regard to money transactions. Thanks to PayPal it became much easier to try every single one of the most beloved casino games (poker, blackjack, roulette or even online slots with PayPal) in a safe and quick way. You name it – you get it!

In case you are wondering which online casinos work with PayPal, we can tell you the truth that none of the casinos is working via PayPal in the USA. Due to the complexity of this payment method at the moment it is not acceptable for the players from the US. But we have good news for you! We’ve compiled an EXCLUSIVE list of the best gambling sites where you will find the most trusted online casino real money which is able to fulfill your every wish and meet every standard that you only imagine. It is always updated and moderated according to the new information we get. You can use different payment methods such as Visa/MasterCard, Neteller, Skrill, Ecopayz, Entropay, PaySafeCard and many others there. See it below.

TOP List of Best Online Casinos Real Money 2019
Casino Bonus Software Rating
Red Dog Casino PayPal Real Money Red Dog 225% RTG
casinomax online casino real money CasinoMax $9 000 RTG
Roaring21 Casino PayPal Real Money Roaring21 $10 000 RTG
Vegas Crest Casino PayPal Real Money Vegas Crest Casino 200% Rival + 9
Platinum reels casino Platinum Reels up to $500 RTG
Uptown Aces casino Uptown Aces $4000 RTG
Red Stag casino online Red Stag up to $4000 WGS Technology
Miami Club Casino online Miami Club $4000 WGS Technology
Raging Bull casino online Raging Bull $50 RTG
Slots Capital casino online Slots Capital 1000% Rival Gaming
Slotocash casino online SlotoСash 200% Match RTG
Grand Fortune casino online Grand Fortune $15 RTG
Desert Nights Casino online Desert Nights $2550 RTG
Lincoln Casino online Lincoln Casino up to $200 WGS Technology

Online casino players fairly consider PayPal to be the best way to make real money playing. Real pros usually shoot for real money online casino that accepts PayPal because they know it is a real deal. Of all payment methods, you’ll find online, PayPal is hands-down the most time-tested and the most innovative one. If you are still out there hesitating, just remember that no other than Elon Musk himself was one of its co-founders.

What Is PayPal with Real Money?

PayPal is an American company and one of the largest online money systems in the world. This e-wallet performs bank-free transactions, using only your credit/debit card and its balance. The option has been recognized for the past 15 years and it earned a reputation of a good real money system that enables you to transfer real funds online paying for goods or for making casino deposits. Initially, it was known under the name “Confinity” until it was changed in 1999 when the company emerged into financial waters. A few years later, the company joined forces with “eBay”, a huge e-store that utilized PayPal’s system for payments. Today it helps millions of people to pay for different stuff on the Internet as well as to play blackjack, poker, roulette online via PayPal or any other casino game.

The whole concept was a completely new draft for e-commerce stores and PayPal ensured that no customer, who would use it on eBay as the money system for payments, would ever be scammed for real money. The main principle was centred around today’s ESCROW system, where PayPal protected Ebay customers during each purchase. This was totally innovational at that time as no other stores and services could provide a similar feature. This made PayPal system as one of the most reliable systems that the Internet has ever seen. The later implementation of its API made a clear path for the online gambling industry which resulted in a real casino online PayPal place that changed the way of online gambling.

Why to Use PayPal For Online Casino Real Money?

When it comes to using PayPal for online gambling, you have to understand that you first need to find a real money casino PayPal online where they accept this service as the method of payment. We will list now the pros and cons of using online casino real money PayPal even with no deposit bonuses so you could understand the importance of this web wallet in online gambling and betting. The reasons why should you use it for online gambling are the following:

  • Provides a great safety, meaning your personal and card information will stay in a secure place and no third party will ever have access to it
  • Gives a hassle-free deposits/withdrawals in almost all PayPal casinos in the USA
  • Provides an excellent and responsive customer’s service
  • Gets you welcome bonuses
  • A wide range of available games
  • It is a real free service

Why Go Online for Real Money Gambling?

Online casinos are becoming more and more popular, and players get access to all the classic table games and slots without having to go to the real casino. Besides, gambling might be prohibited in your country, so if you are up for some big win real money online casino for free – you must be heading to one of many casinos available online. There are casinos that let you play with some virtual currency, some silly golden coins or crystals, but that is not what we all are here for. We are here to play online casino win real money and use PayPal to spend those sweet bucks left and right.

What are the Best PayPal Casinos for Real Money?

Of course, you want to know which of those countless online casinos are worth your time and how to find a decent online casino that pays out real money with PayPal. Regardless of what your tastes are, what games you like, and what bets you shoot for, you can always find something to your liking and play online casino for real money and get paid out through it. There are table game casinos like Uptown Aces, slot casinos like Slots Capital, and the ones that combine all of the most popular casino games like the Red Stag casino. All of these use PayPal as the payment method.
So how do you know the casino is worth your attention, and most importantly, how do you know it is safe? Believe it, we are interested in the safety and reliability of our chosen PayPal casinos as much as you are, so here is the list of things we look for when choosing a casino for you to offer:


  • We only cooperate with reputable brands and track their record as well as the record of their associates.
  • We secure the payouts by using the most reliable services such as PayPal and guarantee a timely and fair payout delivery to all of our players.
  • Our Privacy Policies guarantee that nothing odd happens to your personal information.


  • We cooperate with the PayPal casinos that provide substantial bonuses to the players. Some of our partners give you up to $4000 as a bonus depending on your total score.
  • We have a favorable VIP loyalty program that keeps our most consistent players happy.


  • Any casino is only as good and reliable as its payment system is. We make sure our PayPal casinos are the best by using the best system to date. Nowadays, you can only be sure in the top real money online casino that uses PayPal as its payment system, and that is exactly why we use it.
  • Fast payouts are what we are all here because nobody likes to be left high and dry. We make sure you get your money as fast as possible, which is also a good thing about the newest online casino real money PayPal payout system.
  • We have low deposit and withdrawal minimum, so you’ll be able to operate with whichever amount of money you want without needing to care about throwing to much of cash on the table. Thanks to the best online casino real money PayPal system we use, you can operate any money you want.


  • Our support department works 24/7 for your convenience. You contact our people anytime and submit an issue report or ask any questions.
  • We value a proper communication with our players the most so you can be sure we will answer all of your questions and help you in case any inconvenience occurs.
  • Our support team consists of professionals who speak several languages.

Fast Lobby Making

  • Millions of players around the world sit beside you at the same table, so you’ll never know what opponent you are going to face next.
  • Lobby making is really fast so you won’t be waiting long till we find you some decent rivals.
  • Whichever table game you choose, there will certainly be thousands of other players waiting for the chance to demonstrate their skills and try their luck.

So Why Do Online Casinos Real Money Win?

Of course, nothing beats the experience of playing in a real casino, but some of us are not as lucky as to live in Las Vegas. The fact of a matter is what the online casinos lack in the mood and overall experience, they compensate fully by their convenience. You can play online casinos from any country without leaving your home and make real money playing. We are here to guarantee a timely casino online real money PayPal payouts for you. Your part of a deal is to come and play with us, show the world your skills, and win big.

Your Values are Our Values

Security and reliability are our top priorities, and we have enough experience to guarantee those. We value our customers above all, which is why we try to provide them with top-notch playing experience as well as the most reliable payment methods available on the gambling market. We work continuously on improving your experience with us, so you can be sure your wins are safe and sound. Go ahead and may the best of luck always be with you.

How To Make a Gambling PayPal Account for Real Money?

Making an account is nothing but a few steps. You will find below a short list of steps you need to do to open your PayPal account. We will also list the steps for using it as your method of payment chronologically so you cannot make a mistake, however, players often forget to connect bankroll with the gambling one.

Online casino real money PayPal account must be connected to your gambling casino so it could work. We will list the few basic steps that you need to perform in order to play casino real money games for PP balance. The first list is for creating the bankroll.
To make a PP account:

  • Go to the service’s website
  • Click on “Sign Up”
  • Choose the personal account (business ones are not needed for PayPal casinos gambling)
  • Fill in the fields correctly
  • Confirm the email and login
  • Confirm your credit card
  • Start sending and receiving real money

This works great and it is a very easy process that anyone can do. Now, you need to connect your account with the gambling site. The steps are going in the following order:

  • Set up your PP bankroll
  • Select a gambling casino, for example, Grand Fortune casino
  • Log in to it
  • Choose PayPal as the payment option
  • Enter the amount you would like to transfer
  • Fill in PayPal’s details correctly
  • Log in to your gambling casino

Legit Reviews about Real Money Online Casinos

The number of online casinos that accept PayPal is increasing but not all of these are that good. Our experienced professionals decided to narrow down the list and present you a short list with the best online casinos that do accept PayPal. Some of these are also mobile casinos that accept PayPal and give you an opportunity for gambling online while you are on the bus or a train.

PayPal Casinos Online with Real Money As The Method Of Payment

All these gambling sites were tested and played a million times before writing this review. As we said, you may find many other places, however, the reputation and professionalism of these places is a big question. Therefore, we made a short list of the PayPal casinos real money that utilizes this money service, both for withdrawals and deposits. Try your luck with real money in one of these places:

  • 888 Casino that offers a gambling bonus of up to $1800
  • Winner casino, with a bonus of $5500
  • with the great RTP ratio

These casinos have established a long tradition so you will not get disappointed. Your real money will be safe there and you will double it in no time!

Online casino real money PayPal often have separate support menus for players who transfer their money to casinos through this payment system. As already mentioned above, more and more legitimate feedback from experienced gamers. However, one should also mention the negative aspects of the use of this system, although they are not so important, because the advantage of paying for any internet service is security in the first place, and it is completely provided by PayPal.

The following are the main drawbacks of the system:

  • Casino online real money must pay PayPal tax on received transfers. If they refuse to do this, then for transfers in PayPal currency will charge you a commission of 4% above the wholesale exchange rate.
  • Your PayPal transaction data is mainly stored on servers in the United States. Upon registration, you sign an agreement on unconditional consent to the transfer of your personal data abroad. Where – PayPal does not report. Therefore, it is unclear exactly where your data lie, and what precautions are taken to protect them.
  • PayPal is sharing data with third parties. This is necessary to process transactions or to comply with the rules of other services. It is likely that your data will be sent to other companies for credit checks, dispute resolution, and even for marketing purposes.

Real Casino Online for Real Money – Pros & Cons

A very large number of gambling websites use PayPal through the speed of transactions and the great trust of PayPal casinos to this system. It is safe to say that PayPal is a much more convenient system than WebMoney. Also, if you take into WebMoney, you see that PayPal never had problems with the electronic wallets of their users, while in the other it is worth mentioning the recent conflict with a journalist who stole the real money and blocked it.

Best online gambling real money, choose PayPal casinos through the convenient connection of your PayPal account to the casino. The instructions for doing this are described in the text above. Also, in order to make sure you choose one casino from many, read a short description of this casino.

  • Go to the service’s website
  • Click on Casino Reviews
  • Choose a casino that interests you

Also, online real money PayPal is also often used by mobile online casino real money PayPal, because, as a rule, they play all their free time and earn good money on it. So too, for PayPal casinos, it’s important to have a mobile application, since it’s not always possible to go to the site and play the bus or on the way to work. You can also connect PayPal to your casino mobile application. And this means that the user becomes much more convenient and faster. You transfer cash in an electronic wallet in a matter of seconds in order to make a bet.

And this is the main advantage of online casinos using PayPal. What can be better than quick, convenient and safe use of anything, especially if it concerns our finances and earnings? Now for us always comes the rule “time is money”. The disadvantages of PayPal are much less than its obvious advantages, which does not even have to look at other payment systems.

Choose the Best Online Casino Real Money
Casino Bonus Software Rating
ignition-600-400 Ignition Casino up to $2000 Rival + 2
cafe-casino-logo Café Casino 500% RTG
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Questions and Answers

What is PayPal?
PayPal is an American company operating a worldwide online payments system that supports online money transfers and can be used as an alternative method of depositing and withdrawing real money at online casinos in different countries, except the USA.
What is the most used online casino real money PayPal?
You can find all trusted and most popular PayPal casinos in the table above. There is the most up-to-date list of the best PayPal casinos that pay out real money with PayPal. Scroll up, click on the name of the casino and read a full review with all the details.
Is it true that online casinos that accept PayPal make payouts directly to your account?
Yes. If you have a PayPal account, it makes everything easier: you get online casino real money PayPal payout directly on your bankroll if you win it and want to withdraw. You just need to go to the payment section, choose option Withdraw, enter your PayPal credential and follow the instructions.
Is there any online casino that pays out real money with PayPal or they have some virtual money that you can't withdraw?
There are different types of PayPal casinos. Some of them, in fact, use only virtual money that you play with but you can't withdraw in case of winning. You only play for them again. But you have an opportunity to find real online casino real money PayPal withdrawal with real money if you try any casino site that is presented in the table above. Scroll up!
Where do I find a legit online casino PayPal and be sure that it is really trusted?
Our team compiled a table of all legit online casinos with PayPal that are the most popular at the moment. You can find the list in the table on the Main page or look for it above.
What is the best online casino for US players?
You can find a lot of different online casinos that can be called the best in the table above. US Players can try various games there and be sure that these best online casinos are safe and trusted. Also, they offer a lot of banking options so there are no problems with depositing and withdrawal.
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