Best Baccarat Casino Online Real Money PayPal

Whether you love online casinos or not, you have probably come across this game called baccarat. If not in an online gaming platform, it is most likely in several films like those of James Bond brand. So, what is baccarat? You will have the answer by the end of this article.

What is Baccarat?

Unlike its complex name, baccarat is a very simple game of chance where you can win by either betting on the house or getting a draw yourself. However, this game is feared by many gamblers because it is mostly associated with rich people who stake high.

This does not have to intimidate you when playing an online casino live baccarat real money game. You can always stake whatever amount you can afford; you are not under pressure to stake high amounts. The odds of winning depend on the different online baccarat casinos known in the industry.

Best Baccarat Casino Online Real Money with PayPal™
Casino Bonus Software Rating
Red Dog Casino PayPal Real Money Red Dog 225% RTG
casinomax online casino real money CasinoMax $9 000 RTG
Roaring21 Casino PayPal Real Money Roaring21 $10 000 RTG
Vegas Crest Casino PayPal Real Money Vegas Crest Casino 200% Rival + 9
Platinum reels casino Platinum Reels up to $500 RTG
Uptown Aces casino Uptown Aces $4000 RTG
Red Stag casino online Red Stag up to $4000 WGS Technology
Miami Club Casino online Miami Club $4000 WGS Technology
Raging Bull casino online Raging Bull $50 RTG
Slots Capital casino online Slots Capital 1000% Rival Gaming
Slotocash casino online SlotoСash 200% Match RTG
Grand Fortune casino online Grand Fortune $15 RTG
Desert Nights Casino online Desert Nights $2550 RTG
Lincoln Casino online Lincoln Casino up to $200 WGS Technology

Benefits of Playing Baccarat Games Online

As a gambler, there are some benefits that you get from playing online. For starters, you do not need to search for a casino in your locality that has this game, unless you live in Las Vegas, the gambler’s haven. This helps you save time and money. The online version of the game is more convenient.
The other top benefits of online baccarat include:

  • No pressure to stake high; you stake what you can afford to lose.
  • Online casinos allow you to play with virtual money for practice.
  • Real casinos can be quite intimidating, especially when you are not financially well off. This is unlike the case in an online scenario.
  • You can play online baccarat are on your smartphone from wherever.
  • No downloads needed to play.
  • The experience and fun are almost similar to those of the land casino.

How to Find a Verified Online Baccarat Casino Real Money Website

If you are new to online gaming, it might be very confusing to find a reliable casino on the web. This is because there are countless casino sites that offer this game. Some are genuine while others are not: that is why you need to be keen when finding the right one.

Before you decide to trust the casino with your money, run a thorough background check first. There are websites that review different casinos telling you whether or not it is legit. This is the only way you can separate the scam casinos from the genuine ones and avoid being conned.

Secure payment options is a key consideration as well. You can always consider a baccarat casino online real money PayPal payment option, visa, or MasterCard. This enables you to make secure payments to your online gaming account. There are countless genuine online baccarat casinos on the internet; all you need is to find out which.

The Basic Concept of Online Baccarat

As a beginner, this game might confuse you as it may seem similar to blackjack: it is not. As complex as the name might sound, the basic concept is very simple. Decide between the casino and the player; who will reach the hand value of 9 first. You can bet on either side or bet for a draw, which is a rare outcome but with very high odds.
Between the dealer and the player, whoever has more hand total wins the game. Basically, it is a game of chance which is easy to master and play. The value is the highest total you can get in this game.

General Rules and Guidelines

The rules of this game are also fairly easy to understand. The most basic thing you should understand is the value of the cards. This is as follows:

  • Ace = 1
  • 2-9 = Face value of the card
  • 10 and face cards = 0
  • Hand value = sum of all the cards in your hand

Another rule of the game is that if your hand value is more than 9, you automatically eliminate the tens number. A perfect example is when you have a hand value of 15. Automatically, the 1 is dropped, meaning your hand value will be 5.

In case of a tie between the casino and the player on the hand value, all other bets lose automatically. This means that its profit goes to the casino unless you had placed a bet for a draw.

Virtual or Live Baccarat?

You can either choose to play live with a dealer via live stream or virtually, which is controlled by computer algorithms. Both options give you the fun and entertainment you seek, but the live option can be expensive because of high data charges.

With the live option, you play with a live dealer baccarat online casino expert whom you can communicate with. The live dealer baccarat expert explains to you all the guidelines before you start, just like a normal casino dealer.

Playing Baccarat for Free

A genuine online casino will give you the chance to play this game as a demo using virtual money. This makes it easier to understand the rules and get familiar with all the guidelines. You are not charged anything to play on demo mode.

Becoming a Member of an Online Baccarat Casino

With most baccarat live casino PayPal-accepted websites, you can join from anywhere in the world. PayPal allows you to make payments to your account internationally regardless of where you are located. This makes it easy to play in the best online casino in the world.


All the basic information about this game has been highlighted above. It is our belief that with some practice, you will be an expert soon. Have it in mind that you can play live baccarat online for real money. You are all set to have some fun now.