Your Ultimate Guide to Online Gambling in New Zealand

Navigating the world of online gambling NZ can be tough, particularly if you’re new to it. Online gambling New Zealand is an industry that’s growing all the time, with New Zealand players spending $2.4 billion on gambling in 2018. That means more Internet casinos are opening, more people are getting interested in the variety of games on offer, and more people are asking the question, is online gambling legal in NZ?

If you’re new to online gambling NZ, want to learn about the games that are available, or perhaps pick up some tips on how to find the most reputable casinos, this guide is for you. Read on and we’ll introduce you to some key concepts, discuss the laws, and help you find a casino site that offers great deals, a chance to win, and amazingly diverse online casino games.

Is Online Gambling Illegal in New Zealand

The NZ online gambling laws might seem complicated, but it’s actually quite simple. Under current law, it is illegal for New Zealand players to play casino games on any website that is based in New Zealand. However, the law also stipulates that any player of age can legally play online casino games at any casino based outside of the country.

While you can’t play on NZ online gambling sites, NZ online gambling law allows anybody to play casinos operated from outside the country.

Advertising for these foreign casinos is also banned in New Zealand, meaning without guides like this, you might not know just how many opportunities are out there waiting for you.

The simple answer is that Internet gambling is totally legal in New Zealand, so long as you play on foreign casinos!

What to Look for in an Online Casino

So, you’re ready to start your online gambling NZ journey? The first step is finding the right casino platform, and there are a few things you must consider before you do!


For New Zealanders, this is particularly important. When choosing a casino, be sure to choose a licensed and reputable platform that operates from outside of New Zealand. Not only does this ensure you do not fall foul of the law, but it also means your personal information is protected. Only go with licensed platforms, with great reviews, based outside of New Zealand.

The Games

Naturally, you should always consider the games you want to play when online gambling NZ. Every casino offers something different, though you should expect the classics to be available on most of the sites you find. That means games like roulette and poker, as well as blackjack and slots. Think about the kind of games you like to play, and if you have any specific tastes that are better catered for by one casino.

Security and Banking

The safety of your personal data is really important, as well as convenience when making payments. Be sure to check out the reviews of every website you consider, check to see if they are fully licensed, and see what banking options are available to ensure you can easily make payments.

Customer Service

Don’t forget the customer service! When you’re online gambling NZ, it’s important to have a team of agents available to assist you with any problems. Whether it’s a payment issue or a glitch in the game, it’s always nice to have help at hand.

What Are Online Gambling NZ Bonuses?

Whether it’s US online gambling platforms, or Canada online gambling platforms (which New Zealanders often use!), you’ll find a wide variety of gambling bonuses available when you sign up.

Welcome Bonuses

A welcome bonus in online gambling NZ is a bonus awarded to you when you first sign up for the casino. These are usually the best online gambling NZ reward you’ll ever claim on the platform, giving you extra money to start your gaming experience.

Loyalty Bonuses

Loyalty bonuses typically accrue over a period of time. The longer you stay with the platform, the more you’ll be rewarded for playing and staying a part of their ecosystem. Stick around, and you’ll get free slots and free money to put down on a variety of games.

Reload Bonuses

You should expect to receive reload bonuses when you deposit cash into your account. Every time you put down a deposit, you are likely to be rewarded. And, those rewards are often staggered depending on the amount of money you deposit into your online gambling NZ accounts.

Banking Methods on NZ Online Gambling Sites

There are many different ways to go about banking and managing your bankroll while online gambling NZ. The following options are the most common ways people deposit cash or withdraw winnings:

  • Credit Cards
  • Bank/Debit Cards
  • E-Wallet Platforms (PayPal, Neteller)
  • Prepaid Cards
  • Traditional Bank Deposits

Choosing which option suits you best really depends on your exact circumstances. If you prefer the convenience and quick transfers, e-wallet companies like PayPal and Neteller are likely to be your best option. However, if you don’t use Internet banking alternatives, then bank deposits or the use of credit and debit cards will be more convenient.

Prepaid cards also give you the chance to better control the money you spend.

Always Gamble Responsibly!

Remember this online gambling help NZ tips when you start your casino experience! To have the best time online gambling NZ, it’s important to consider what makes a platform attractive to you, how safe its banking system is, and what promotions are available to give you the best shot of winning big money.

You’ll be using foreign gambling platforms too, so remember to choose the best platforms for online gambling in Australia, online gambling UK, or elsewhere. This way, you stay within the realms of the law and get to enjoy everything these international casinos have to offer.

And, be sure to manage your money properly. Be responsible when online gambling NZ, and you’ll be sure to have a fantastic time.