The Online Gambling in the UK – All You Need To Know

When it comes to online gambling UK, we have to say that this industry is one of the strongest forms in this country, as there are a lot of regular players who like to gamble on a daily basis! There are a lot of online gambling sites UK that you can find and some of these allow you to play directly, some require you to download and install a dedicated app, but all of these have one thing in common: to provide fun to a player who seeks it. Like in everything, scams do happen in this industry as well. Therefore, as the experienced connoisseurs in online gambling, we had decided to share this text with you so the new players could understand how to enjoy online UK gambling. We will explain some of the basic guidelines you should follow in order to stay safe and experience the authentic and realistic atmosphere of online casinos!

Are you allowed legally to visit the online gambling site UK?

The UK online gambling laws allow online gambling, or any other form of gambling that is approved by the law, to all persons who are at least 18 years old, as it is the minimum allowed age for this activity. As long as you are not under 18, you will not be charged with anything, neither anyone will prosecute you, but every action that is taken by someone younger than 18, will be the subject of the court. Assuming you are over 18, we can continue.

The concept of online gambling is allowed in the UK and there is no legal clause that could accuse of anything legal, though not a single online gambling UK is responsible for any taxes that you need to pay. It is all up to you, depending on your state’s preferences and law regarding this industry.

Also, in case you are not from the UK and you are gambling in the operator that is registered in this country, you do not have anything with the UK’s law, but rather to the country’s law, you are playing from! This way, the operators managed to get off the burden from their shoulders and pass the responsibility to the players solely.

How to stay safe at the top online gambling sites UK?

You have to know that all the top online gambling UK are safe places where you do not have to worry about your funds or identity since these casinos do their best to keep everything safe and in place. But how do you know which ones are the safe places where you do not have to worry about anything? Well, there are a couple of things you can look for.

All of these things can help you in finding your best and ideal place where you can gamble online, so try to have all these in mind. Not that these are crucial in this search, but these will, at least, help you to eliminate the places where you definitely would not deposit money and play.

All legal online gambling UK sites have the recognized seal of the gambling license, meaning that they have passed a certain set of tests of their work. There are special commissions that check and regulate the work of the online casinos in order to secure safe and transparent gambling where no one will be scammed. License, software, RTP and customer service must be checked! Once you check these, you will know whether you should stay or not in the place.


The first thing that seas enough about the work of an operator at the UK online gambling websites are the operating license that is proof of good work! Failing to see this license/seal means that you need to avoid and skip this operator as it does not possess the legal license that ensures everything is fair and transparent. The lack of this license shows the uneven treatment of the operator. First of all, it is anything but easy to get this license, as the casino has to pass a huge amount of tests before receiving it. Then, depending on the location and jurisdiction of the operator, the different licenses can be issued, so it would be good to get familiar with these.

Whenever you see MGA (Malta Gaming License), the UKGC (The United Kingdom Gambling Commission), the Curacao Gaming, it means that you are safe in that casino and that you can play as much as you want without a fear that someone might steal your identity or anything similar. Those licenses prove that the operator provides fair gambling where no scam happens! Do not be fooled by the generous offers of casinos online. Just neglect the generous offer of 1000 free spins and $1,000 free money if you fail to find the gambling license.


The second thing you to be checked in order to get the best possible online gambling treatment UK is to browse the games and identify the software providers. The software providers are companies that have been in this industry for years and these are known for the high-quality, fair, entertaining and transparent games that have been present in the distinguished and well-respected casinos. We all want to be safe when we play.
Therefore, all players are delighted to see one of the distinguished names as they know they can count on high-quality games with huge prizes and wins. Also, the distinguished software providers prove that the casino is legit and that it managed to reach an agreement with each of these software providers to use their services.

Like in everything, there are some recognized names that give confidence and happiness to every player, as they know they can count on the safety, fair play, and entertainment. The more distinguished software providers you have in the operator, the more fun you will have while you are staying safe. After all, each player wants to be safe in there. Over the years, some names have been build up their reputation over the years and these can offer fantastic games that will tempt you to play more and more! Some of the branded names are Microgaming, NetEnt, PlayTech, RTG and Evolution Gaming!


Whenever we decide to participate in online gambling, we think of our chances of winning and there is nothing wrong with that at all. The UK online gambling license ensures that you stay safe in the regulated casino, but how do we know what our chances against the operator are? RTP, or Return To Player, tells us this information! The RTP basically tells you how much money will be returned to a player who plays over some period of time. Have in mind that we are not talking about the fixed timeframe within the money returns, but rather about the uncertain amount of time.

Some games and providers offer higher RTP, while some of them offer low RTP but huge prizes and winnings, which can often be a trick to tempt players to play more. The higher RTP, the higher your chances are for winning the money, but when you have low RTP and high payouts, do know that it is likely that you will not win anything. This is an old trick that some operators use. However, play in casinos where the RTP is high, as you want to win money, not win a huge amount of money. Of course, you do want a huge amount of money, but you also want to be sure that you will get hands-on money!

Customer support

The last thing you need to check regarding online gambling in the UK is the availability of the customer service that can be crucial sometimes, especially when dealing with issues. The major and respected operators, due to the higher number of players, must have good customer service to be sure that they provide all the help the players might need. The lack of it means you should sip the place.

When you do not have it, it means that the operator does not take good care of its players and there is no single reason why you should play in there. After all, you could face some problems or an issue, but if there is no customer service, no one will be able to help you. Just skip the place if there is no 24/7 service available.

How to look for a reliable place for online gambling in UK?

Whether you are in online gambling in UK or online gambling in the USA, have in mind that you always look for the operators that are distinguished and well-known. Start by browsing all the things that we have listed above so your search could be easier and faster. Make a checklist of all these elements you must inspect. This way, whether you are in online gambling in Canada, gambling in Australia, or gambling in New Zealand, you will know what you need to check in order to find the best place where you will deposit money. If you fail in any of these, try to look for a better place that is more reliable.